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What's new in Gateway

  • The password for the default user account must now be changed at the first login.
  • You can now log in as expected using a username or password that contains a colon (:), percent (%), or accented characters.
  • The StruxureOn registration process has changed. You now discover devices before you register your Gateway for StruxureOn.
  • You can now disable FTP log gathering in the default profile in the More... > Device File Transfer Settings option. You can create custom profiles to enable FTP log gathering.
  • Devices with IP addresses ending in .0 or .255 can now be discovered when you specify the specific IP address range in the discovery. If you use a use wildcard in the IP address range, only the addresses ending in 1-254 are discovered.
  • Scheduling is no longer available in the Discovery and Backup/Restore options.
  • Added support for the following sensor types:
  • Degrees
  • Crest factor
  • Battery capacity (amp-hours)
  • Water column filter differential pressure
  • Humidifier water connectivity

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