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Catch up on the latest releases for EcoStruxure IT (formerly StruxureOn). You can learn about known issues here.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Private Proxy

You can now launch to a device directly or via proxy from the device's details page.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

This release addresses an issue with auto update that affects installations of Gateway Systems with Gateway installed must be manually updated. How to update Gateway software

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

This release addresses an issue in the installer for Windows 2008.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Linux installer

You can now install EcoStruxure IT Gateway on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7 and above.

Additional device support

This release provides support for the following devices:

    • APC SmartUPS (Modbus for SmartConnect UPSs)
    • APC PMM
    • MGE STS
    • Liebert PEX
    • Socomec DIRIS Power Meters (A10, 17, 20,40/41, 60, 80)
    • HiRef CRAC (Targeted SNMP)

This release improves support for the following:

    • xPDU
    • Gutor UPS alarms
    • Galaxy VS sensors
    • NetBotz 200/250 dry contacts

Issues fixed

    • An alarm is now generated when Modbus device connected to an EGX is offline and not responding.
    • Unit labels for sensors are now displayed as expected, for example, kVA, kVAR, kVAh, kVARh, kWh.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Improved Gateway software update

Gateways are capable of automatically updating when a new version is available if you choose to enable it in the EcoStruxure IT web application.

Click your profile icon, and then select Settings > Gateways and Enable auto-update.


You can also double click a gateway tile and check the box to enable auto-update, or uncheck the box to disable it.

New Gateway versions can be installed with minimal downtime, and are deployed in parallel with the currently running instance. You can actively monitor your devices while data migration and new version deployment completes.
If there is a failure to migrate data and deploy the new version, the current Gateway install will continue to run unaffected, reporting errors to our engineering team for review.

Redfish server protocol support

This release adds Redfish server protocol support for discovery, inventory, power, and temperature data collection.
Servers supported:

  • HP Proliant with iLO 4, 5
    Note: iLO 4 requires ManagerFirmwareVersion 2.55 or greater.
  • Dell PowerEdge with iDRAC 7, 8, 9



The URL for the EcoStruxure IT Gateway web application has changed to https://localhost/gateway/.  After you install v1.4.0.x, the installer allows you to launch to the new URL. Update any bookmarks or links you have to the previous URL manually.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

  • The part number of APC UPSs is now displayed in device details when it is available from the device.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

  • A wildcard (*) or IP address range is now allowed in the second octet. You can use a wildcard or IP address range in the second, third, or fourth octet.
    Using a wildcard in all three octets (192.*.*.*) is not allowed.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Issues fixed

  • Error handling for unexpected values was improved for Modbus devices, including PM8000.
  • UPS sensor values for Contact Status and Input Voltage (Min) are correctly represented.
  • For UPSs that report totals, Total Output Active Power and Total Output Apparent Power are now displayed as expected.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Issues fixed

  • There are no longer duplicate Breaker Module Output and Status sensors for some APC UPS.
  • Input Power - Phase values are now correctly represented.
  • Device Type is now displayed correctly in device details.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

  • StruxureOn applications and services have new names -  EcoStruxure IT Gateway EcoStruxure IT  mobile app, and  EcoStruxure Asset Advisor  - and are now part of EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric's IoT-enabled open and interoperable architecture. More information

  • It is no longer necessary to clear your browser cache after a software update

    Components of the web application are no longer held in your browser cache after you update StruxureOn Gateway to the latest version.


  • Serial Modbus discovery option

    There is now a serial Modbus discovery option for the supported device types, vendors, and families listed.

  • Menu navigation

    The More... menu was replaced by a menu icon.

    The More... > Registration option was replaced by the EcoStruxure IT option.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • Connectivity test verifies the connection to the StruxureOn service
    When the Gateway is unable to verify the connection with the StruxureOn Service, the possible cause and troubleshooting suggestions are now displayed. For more information see Troubleshooting connection issues.
  • Targeted Modbus Read
    The Device Support page now has an option to allow Schneider Electric to perform targeted reads on one or more IP addresses. This option is intended for use in conjunction with technical support personnel. The data gathered is used to develop DDFs for your devices that require support.
  • Additional improvements
    • Threshold types that do not exist in the system no longer appear in the filter list.
    • Labels and IP address settings are now displayed as expected on the Devices page and the Details page.
    • The count for rediscovered devices is now set correctly.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • Support for Modbus ElNet LTE Powermeter
  • Threshold alarms on devices are now displayed as expected.
  • Tickets are now created for threshold alarms as expected, and the app now shows the alarms properly.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • The console log no longer displays an error when the Symmetra PX250 is polled.
  • The password now updates as expected after the default or a user created file transfer configuration is modified.
  • The service log posted by Symmetra PX250 now shows data as expected.
  • Samsung BMS and Uniflair CRACs are now supported.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • Uniflair Aquascroll and UG40 cooling devices can now be discovered using the new Targeted SNMP discovery option.
  • Sensor group headings on the device details page for APC Automatic Transfer Switches are now correct.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • Performance improvements
    The way devices are modeled, persisted, and queried on the server was changed for a substantial performance increase. The Gateway was tested with 5000 devices on a single server, with the potential for more, and can be scaled down for smaller installs to reduce hardware costs.
  • Greatly expanded device support
    The Gateway's DDF library is now comparable to StruxureWare Data Center Expert.
  • Modbus TCP discovery improvements
    Device vendor and family are now included in Modbus TCP discovery.

StruxureOn Gateway

  • The password for the default user account must now be changed at the first login.
  • You can now log in as expected using a username or password that contains a colon (:), percent (%), or accented characters.
  • The StruxureOn registration process has changed. You now discover devices before you register your Gateway for StruxureOn.
  • You can now disable FTP log gathering in the default profile in the More... > Device File Transfer Settings option. You can create custom profiles to enable FTP log gathering.
  • Devices with IP addresses ending in .0 or .255 can now be discovered when you specify the specific IP address range in the discovery. If you use a use wildcard in the IP address range, only the addresses ending in 1-254 are discovered.
  • Scheduling is no longer available in the Discovery and Backup/Restore options.
  • Added support for the following sensor types:
  • Degrees
  • Crest factor
  • Battery capacity (amp-hours)
  • Water column filter differential pressure
  • Humidifier water connectivity

StruxureWare Data Center Expert with StruxureOn enabled

See StruxureWare Data Center Expert Release Summary.
StruxureOn Android and iOS apps

We want to give you the latest features in the StruxureOn Android and iOS apps as soon as they are ready, so the app versions are not synchronized. The apps are available whenever they're ready on either platform. 

Take a look at the release notes in the update popup that appears when a new version is available to learn about features and improvements.

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