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Note: StruxureOn is currently being renamed to EcoStruxure IT. The updated authentication method also applies to existing StruxureOn users.

The EcoStruxure IT authentication system has been updated to support latest security standards.

SMS is no longer recommended as the most secure authenticator. The new recommended method uses software authenticators for 2-factor authentication. This improves security and improves the experience in areas where SMS codes have been unreliable due to bad cellular reception.

You must now choose a 2-factor authentication method: EcoStruxure IT app, Google or another authenticator, or SMS. The recommended authentication is using your EcoStruxure IT app.

You can also choose Google or SMS. If you don't choose to authenticate using the EcoStruxure IT app, make sure your preferred authenticator is installed on your mobile device.

The authentication setup described below is for existing users. New users can start here.



Setting up 2-factor authentication (recommended method)

Setting up authentication is a one time configuration. The application will remember your preferred method on your next login.

  • Select "I've already downloaded it" to use the EcoStruxure IT app as your authentication method.

  • Scan the QR code on your screen.

  • Copy and save recovery code. When you log in for the first time, you'll receive your recovery code. You can use this code to log in to when you don't have your mobile device.

    Tick the box to acknowledge that you've saved your recovery code to continue. It is your responsibility to store it safely.

  • Verification and you're in!

The next time you log in to you'll get a push notification through your EcoStruxure IT app.


Logging in with 2-factor authentication

  • Log into on a computer, not your mobile phone.

  • You can opt to remember the passcode in the browser. The passcode is remembered for 30 days.   
  • A push notification is sent to your phone or through your app if you have it open.




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