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Secure collection of your data

We do everything we can to keep your data secure and private, starting even before the data leaves your site. All connections from the gateway to our cloud are validated using an industry standard 2048 bit RSA certificate and data is encrypted in transit using 256 bit AES encryption.

To avoid compromising the security of your site, EcoStruxure IT is designed to use only HTTPS TLS 1.2 encrypted outbound connections on port 443 and cannot be contacted from the outside.

Secure processing and storage of your data

When your data reaches our cloud, it is processed by our cloud engine. In order to prevent unauthorized or even malicious access to our cloud system, all parts of the cloud engine are protected by state-of-the-art firewalls. In addition, our cloud network is configured to only allow access from specific sources (using Access Control Lists), and only a limited set of authorized personnel have access – and only through multi-factor authentication.

Beyond being secure, our cloud engine is fault tolerant and runs in a redundant configuration to ensure that none of your data is ever lost – or that you miss a critical event in your data center!

Before being committed to storage, your data is tagged as yours. Your data is segregated from other customers data by a unique identifier. This way the system always knows which data belongs to who. In addition, the cloud engine keeps a complete audit trail of the data received and the data processing, so we can always retrace our steps and see where your data has been and what it has been used for. 

Data is stored at a Cloud Provider in the United States, which EU-US Privacy Shield self-certified.

Securely accessing your data

After processing, your data is made available to you in the EcoStruxure IT app. Being able to access your data everywhere is a great feature – but it can also be a huge security concern. We recognize this, and have designed and built the EcoStruxure IT app to mitigate this concern.

We always transmit data to your app using HTTPS TLS 1.2. In addition, logging in to the app requires either a specifically generated one-time code sent to your mobile number, or using your device’s biometric security features. Of course, to ensure the security of data on your device, we recommend that you keep your device up to date with the latest security updates from your manufacturer, and that you lock your device using a strong passcode.

Maintaining security 

In today’s world cybersecurity is a moving target. New threats and vulnerabilities are discovered daily. That’s why all personal involved with the development of EcoStruxure IT have undergone and continue to undergo rigorous cybersecurity training. Only cybersecurity trained personal have access to the EcoStruxure IT systems, and always using multifactor authentication to prove their identity. All access to all EcoStruxure IT systems is securely logged and continuously audited.

EcoStruxure IT is maintained and operated by a core DevOps team with extremely high standards for cyber security and data privacy. All parts of the EcoStruxure IT system are continuously monitored and scanned for potential security vulnerabilities or privacy issues. The DevOps team is on-call 24/7 and able to react promptly to newly discovered threats or issues.

Continuous external security audits are performed.

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