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Get a quick overview of known issues and fixes. If you’re experiencing issues not on this list, or if you have a feature request, please let us know by opening a support ticket here.

Known issues – Gateway

  • The software auto update process in EcoStruxure IT Gateway on Linux requires the at package. The Linux installer does not currently check for or provide this package. To check whether the at package is installed on the server running the gateway, type yum list installed at in a terminal window.

    If the gateway is installed on a server that does not have the at package installed, auto update will fail. You can manually update the gateway software.

    This will be addressed in a future release.

  • In Gateway, the Request Support link in the discovery log does not open the Device Support page in Firefox or Internet Explorer 11. Use Chrome, Edge, or Safari to access Device Support from the log.
  • There is an intermittent issue in Gateway 1.4.0 where some or all devices report The <device> is not responding when they are actually online.

    If you see this error, and you have confirmed the devices are online, check the log to confirm the error.

    To confirm the error: Go to C:\Program Files\EcoStruxureITGateway\1.4.0\log on the computer where the gateway is installed, or log in to the gateway and download the console logs. Unzip the file and look at the newest console log.

    This entry will appear in the gateway logs:

    softwareVersion=, originalMessage=protocol mapping error no protocol type: PreCompiledMapping{resource=URL [jar:file:C:\ProgramData\EcoStruxureITGateway\1.4.0\ddfs/ddf_bundle/default/se-ddf.jar!/ddf/SNMP/protocol.xml], signed=true}

    Solution: Restart the EcoStruxure IT Gateway Service.

    1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. 
    2. Restart the EcoStruxure IT Gateway Server service.

    This issue will be addressed in the next release.

  • As part of the software update process, the EcoStruxure IT Gateway 1.4.x installer takes a backup of your existing database. Depending on the size of your database and the performance of your server, this process can take up to 30 minutes. The typical average time is much less, 5 - 10 minutes.
  • The SUMX v6.2.0 and v6.2.1 firmware is missing the OID that indicates the number of input phases. This is known to affect the Smart-UPS RT 20000 XL (3 phase UPS) and Symmetra LX 16000 RM (split phase UPS) but may affect others. Upgrade the firmware to either SUMX v6.4.0 or SUMX v6.5.0 to resolve the issue. Get the latest firmware here. For more information see this APC FAQ.
  • TrippLite UPS models SMART100RM1U and SMART750RM1U can show a negative Battery Temperature reading, for example, -13.89 C. Update the firmware on your devices to resolve this issue.
  • An imported SSL certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority or a CA certificate imported to the keystore will not persist through a StruxureOn Gateway update. You must import the certificate again after you update your Gateway software.
  • NetBotz 200 does not display the temperature correctly when the temperature preference is set to Fahrenheit on the device. You can log in to the NetBotz 200 and change the temperature preference to Celcius in the Administration > General > Preferences option.
  • Sensor ID changes effect thresholds and sensor history in StruxureOn Gateway 1.1.0. Sensor IDs have changed on a wide variety of devices in StruxureWare Gateway 1.1.0. Some sensors that were previously added to alarm thresholds must be added again after you update the software to Gateway 1.1.0.
    Up to eight days of sensor history, and historical alarms associated with the sensors that have new IDs, will be lost on the Gateway, but will be preserved in the cloud.
    Thresholds you set directly on the devices are not affected.
  • Saved discoveries are lost when you update StruxureOn Gateway from v1.0.2 to v1.0.3.

  • The serial number does not update in the StruxureOn Gateway when a power module is replaced in a Symmetra PX. Rediscover the Symmetra PX to display the information for new power modules as expected.
    Do not remove the Symmetra from the Devices list.

  • The StruxureOn Gateway installer does not open ports in the firewall to allow access to the web server. You must access the StruxureOn Gateway application from the local host. You can access the application from remote hosts only if you disable the firewall on your computer.
  • There is an issue using NFS shares for backup. Windows shares work as expected.


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